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Firmware Update for FinePix A120 - Windows

FinePix A120

Purpose of File:

This Firmware (Ver.1.79) update will revise the internal software of the FinePix A120 digital camera. Installation of this update is optional. It incorporates the following enhancement:
1) Updates the compatibility of Type M xD-Picture Cards

Products Supported:

FinePix A120

System Requirements:



Click on "Download Now" to open the Fujifilm Worldwide site with complete download and installation instructions.

1)If firmware upgrading fails, the camera may not operate correctly in some cases. Carefully read the notes provided here. Please note that this procedure is not covered under any Fujifilm warranty.

2)Always use the AC adapter when upgrading the firmware. Never turn the camera off or attempt to use any of the camera controls while the firmware is being overwritten.

3)Firmware upgrading takes approximately 2 minutes.

4)Once the firmware has been upgraded, the previous version cannot be restored.

5)A non-Type M xD-Picture Card must be formatted before beginning this process. Since formatting the card will erase all data and images, please be sure to download all images to your computer before formatting.

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