Support and Contact Center

Micrographic Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support

All Technical Support is obtained through the Fuji Equipment Support Hotline at (800) 669-3854.

Once you have called the above #, you will be prompted by the automated phone system to dial extension 21, for technical support on your equipment or electronic imaging equipment.

Our Hotline Administrator will answer your call. This is a non-technical person who will log your call into our Service Computer System. The Administrator will ask you for your FIN#, which is a number unique to each Fuji Machine, and located in a conspicuous spot on the machine. The administrator enters your FIN# which identifies all of the information and history of the machine in question. After a series of questions, the call is prioritized depending on the severity of your problem. Your call is then put in a waiting queue that is handled by the next available technician from our phone support team.

Sales: Randy Petree 817-271-1262

Order Services: 888-676-3719 or

Technical Support: Mike Vandamme 1-936-520-2720

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